Our First Classes Start

We began classes on July 31 with seven new students present including 2 men from the Democratic Republic of Congo and two from Myanmar (Burma).

Our First Student Orientation

On July 26, we had a New Student Orientation that was attended by new students, Board members, faculty, and mentors.

Those seated left to right: Dave Lambert (board member and faculty), Leonard Mkossa( student), Lori Smith (student), Michelle LeBlanc (student), Tim Carrigan (faculty)
Back row standing: Hang Thang (new student), Gene Smarr )faculty), Mang Pau (student), Will O’Kelley (student), James Amar (board member and faculty), Balongelwa Mlumba (student), Bobby Kazanski (faculty), Terry Sparks (Exec. Dir. and faculty)

New Students

I am happy to report that we have added additional students for a total of eight. This is a solid start toward our prayer goal of 12 students when we begin classes July 31.

Major Progress

We are delighted to report that we have received four student applications. Classes are scheduled to begin July 31. We have ten plus qualified teachers. We have many partner churches and Christian organizations planning to send interns to Clarkston Bible Institute. In addition we have a growing number of monthly as well as one-time donors. Come and join us for this exciting venture!

Student Application

I am pleased to report that for your convenience we now have a PDF of the student application on “The Program” page. Be sure and include a $20 non-refundable application fee with your application. We will process promptly.


We are so glad you visited our website. We are exciting about the way progress is being made each week toward our beginning classes July 31. We are here to answer your questions promptly and meet your needs. Soon we will have an application online for your convenience. We are excited that you like what you see and are prayerfully considering being a student intern. We know that it will be a life changing  experience!